Malaysia’s celebrated gown designer: Celest Thoi

Celest Thoi has always loved weddings and all things beautiful. Her passion is to work with happy couples toward their special day by creating exquisitely beautiful bridal gowns, one collection after another. We stole her away from her crazy work schedule to give you a glimpse of Celest Thoi’s life as a bridal gown designer, beautiful wife and mother of two.


You’ve been in the wedding industry since 2004 and what a wonderful 10 plus years it has been! What started you off to be who you are today?  “Wow…has it been 10 years? In terms of my passion, drive for creativity, and love of details – I have my mom to thank. She used to freelance as a seamstress at home so I was influenced at a young age; playing and collecting up a treasure trove of ribbons, buttons, remnant laces and fabrics.”

Do you have a muse that you look to as a source of inspiration for your collections? “I am very much in love with unique vintage pieces that I used to comb through flea markets for. I believe I tend to let the organic surrounding influence my inspiration more than a muse can. If I do look at a muse for inspiration, it will be one that is classic, elegant and sophisticated in nature with the likes of Grace Kelly, Coco Chanel and Kate Middleton. It’s all in tune with the clean and simple lines that our gowns are known for.  My clients that I work with, they will also play the muse; I always take into consideration her personality, style, celebration and venue location in my design for her.”


Celest Thoi 3How do you envision a Celest Thoi bride? “She is an independent, decisive, confident and  global woman who knows quality when she sees it. She prioritises substance over form, and has an open mind when working with a designer. Most importantly, my brides appreciate sophisticated simplicity.”

We’ve spoke to many happy brides who happened to have worn your design for their big day. Tell us, what is your secret in creating that perfect gown? “Listening. This is the most important trait a designer must have when working with their bride. Every bride is different. Her character, dream, vision, influences, likes and dislikes, must all be understood as much as possible before completing the final sketch. I will then incorporate my design principles based on her characteristics, ensuring the final creation is the perfect reflection of the Celest Thoi Bride.”

Celest Thoi 2What will the next 10 years of the Celest Thoi brand reveal? “Next 10 years? I don’t even know what’s going to happen in 3 years! Jokes aside, we’ve been getting a lot of requests to launch a bridesmaid’s range, so that’s in the works.” (Note: Celest Thoi’s Entourage, an exquisite collection of bridesmaid wear is launched, and we’ve got the pics for you)

Looking back, what are the moments or memories about your brand that you cherish most?  “Recently, one of the first brides I worked with during my time living in New Zealand posted an Instagram photo of her daughter wearing her mother’s Celest Thoi gown. Her daughter said she wanted to wear it on her own wedding day! This warmed my heart very much and it reminded me of why I love what I do. I do cherish these moments.”