With Emilia Tjongkono, Founder of DesignMill & Co

LIMS3488Tell us about you?
An artist and a wife to the most adorable hubby. Loves all things about design, likes to paint & appreciates fine arts, a coffee addict who can not live without a daily dosage of coffee, love the sunshine, likes to listen to jazz music

What makes you happy?
Spending times with my loved ones (including my Akita dog and my lop ear rabbits), working on things that I am passionate about and cleaning (yes, I am a bit of a clean freak some might say).

What do you like about weddings?
Weddings are a symbol of two peoples love for each other coming together as one. What I love about every wedding is that each one is unique and special in every way which shows and expresses the characteristics and personality of the couple and paints a story of their love.

What’s LOVE?
To love is to be able to go through every ups and downs as ONE.
To love is the ability to accept even without an understanding
To love is to provide that unconditional support
To love is when you can see only goodness all over him/her
To love is when you can’t imagine him/her not being by yourside anymore
above all, Being in love is to finally found out the meaning of true love by being with him/her”.

What’s your Happiness?
My happiness is when I see the smile and joy on my loved ones faces, appreciating the beautiful creatures and things this world has to offer.

Who’s your biggest supporter?
All time supporter my lovely hubby and of course my daddy, mommy and lil bro.

What do you do for fun?
Paintings and making arts.

What do you do after a exhaustive wedding?
Sleep is all you need :p

Favourite Destination?
The romantically surreal Venice

What what the first wedding like?
Felt like my wedding, so excited but nervous at the same time.

How did the name came about?
The name came about when we were inspired by the concept of a windmill, a generator that turns the wind into power and shares it.

We had a vision to share the beauty of love by turning the unique love story of each couple into beautiful designs with charming elements & colour tones.

Also tightly related to the concept of an idea, that a great design only comes from an idea that is generated many times through research and process and thus the outcome is a well thought out design.

Tell us about the brand story?
We try and paint a picture that each event is a special story that is to be told (or shown in this matter) over and over again like the motion of a windmill which generates design love that is spread or given across to all.

What the the most common mistake your clients make about you?
Asked to copy other designer’s work. Design should be fresh and well tailored to your needs & style. We believe each client is unique.
So as how their wedding design should be.

What is the common mistake, you wish your clients will never do?
Expect us to pull a rabbit out of a hat hehehe ;b,

Nah in all seriousness what would be nice is that the client gave a complete detail check of the information on the design before signing off. One common example we commonly see are parents names are spelt incorrectly as the information given to us at the time was not correct. Even though the designs were signed off and reviewed by the clients multiple times, they didn’t pick this up until the invitations printed and were about to be sent out where if the details were checked thoroughly, this situation wouldn’t be there.

3 honest, sincere and daring tips from the heart
Don’t take it too hard. Wedding is something to cherish, not to be stressed about.
Prepare your best. Great preparation will ensure great outcomes too.
Be yourself and enjoy all the way !