Planning a destination wedding in Phuket? Take a look at local, sought after floral designer based in Phuket, IAMFLOWER, for your wedding decor needs. Founded by Jane Norraset Pinkaew and Guy Satchukorn Kunkanokpong.

IAMFLOWER has establish themselves as one of the most, if not the most demanded name for wedding decor and styling establish by top-end wedding planner with high expectations.

We have a little chatter session with Guy….

Tell us about you?
I  love to do many creative tasks which is why I decided to be a florist as  flowers are my passion, what drives me is my dream to be a very successful floral designer.

What makes you happy?
Actually I am always happy as I think positively but working with flowers is true happiness and nothing can beat the experience of creating stunning events that we do and making our clients happy.

You live in the beautiful island of Phuket, where do you go for holiday?
Yes we are very lucky to live in such a beautiful island with so many gorgeous resorts. When I travel I choose a country that I have not visited previously and of course the first thing I want to do is visit the flower farm and flower market in that particular country I visit.

What is love?
Love for me is making others happy.

Who’s your biggest supporter?
My parents, whose supported me and all of my dreams.

What do you do after a wedding?
I spend several hours in the spa to relax and think about all the details of the event and how we can improve next time.

What the first wedding like?
We did a small wedding on the hill with only 3 people working in the hot sun.  We finished the flowers 15 minutes late but the bride was so grateful and she loved our work.

How did the name I Am Flower came about?
This name come from  ‘I am Amsterdam’   and   ‘I am what I am’

I am Amsterdam
When I did my florist training in Netherland, I liked the souvenir shop ‘I am Amsterdam’ because I was impressed with the shop design and creative installation.

I am what I am
Are my characteristics.

What is the number one mistake that you wish your clients will never do?
We need our clients to trust what we say, in terms of flower types, colours and etc.  We know the tropics and what works, and we have seen some insistent from clients that came to disastrous affect. So we hope and will share our experiences with our clients.

Which was your most memorable wedding?
Actually every wedding is unique and memorable and especially the moment when we deliver the bride’s bouquet, their smile is always inspiring to us.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
We particularly love Karen Tran but we take inspiration from our travels, also from our clients and then we adapt the designs to our environment and our client’s style, taste and dreams.



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